Smart Meter Systems: Attack and Defense

Recorded: 17 May 2017
Practical guidance on defending smart meter systems, explained by a utility industry expert with real-world experience on the attacking side.

Asian utility focus: How is Malaysia’s TNB thriving in a digitised world?

Recorded: 04 May 2017
Chief Strategy Officer at Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s shares his experiences on how the utility - one of the largest in Southeast Asia - is taking advantage of smart grid technology to stay agile and take advantage of markets for non-traditional utility services. Join in this Engerati webinar - in partnership with Asian Utility Week 2017 - to find out more.

Demand response and its energy efficiency potential

Recorded: 27 Apr 2017
How can energy companies unlock consumer flexibility to unleash the value of demand-side management? Engerati analysts and industry experts join in this live energy webinar to present three ways to turn demand response programmes into significant energy savings.

Value, values and asset management decision making

Recorded: 25 Apr 2017
This webinar will explore the concept of value in ISO 55000 and explain how a utility’s strategic objectives and values can be used to develop a framework for asset management decisions.

Digital disruption at Africa’s grid edge

Recorded: 25 Apr 2017
How can African utilities prepare for the big issues facing their counterparts around the world - the challenge to integrate renewables into the grid and the best way to engage customers? This Engerati and Oracle co-branded webinar outlines strategic solutions for a digitised energy network.

Value of submeters to energy efficiency services

Recorded: 21 Apr 2017
Internet of things and big data technologies are opening the door to optimising buildings’ performance in terms of energy efficiency, environmental certificates and asset management. And helping to turn the key are submeters.

From billing to energy services - ideas for changing the customer conversation

Recorded: 12 Apr 2017
The utility industry needs to change the customer conversation. Accurate billing is within reach through smart metering so let's move the dialogue on to energy services as a way to deepen and enrich the customer relationship. Find out how cloud-based platforms can help in this energy webinar.