Water analytics and water sensors - how they help cut technical revenue losses?

Reducing water leakage and revenue erosion is the aim of every water utility. Take part in this webinar to understand how a combination of water analytics and water sensors can achieve this goal.

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Thu, 2017-06-29 13:00 UTC
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One of the greatest challenges facing the water utility industry is the poor condition of water and wastewater infrastructure causing leakages.

Half of the world’s water pipes are over 80 years old - so no surprise that global water utilities lose $14bn per year in revenue, according to a World Bank estimate.


Water analytics webinar

In this live energy webinar, revenue protection software company Choice presents a single platform solution based on water sensors and water analytics.

The Internet of Things-based platform uses bidirectional communication providing vibration sensors with a high leakage identification accuracy and leverages the value of the data collected on an analytical tool, altogether defined as the Water Leakage Platform.

The solution is also fully complementary to the ‘usual’ segmentation of the network on District Metering Areas and can help to reduce operating expenditure.

As part of the 60-minute interactive panel discussion, you will also hear from C-level water utility executives talking about their real experiences with water losses.

Sign up now to discover how vibration sensors, communications and advanced analytics software on a single platform can help reduce water losses and boost utility revenue.

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