Utilities Embracing IoT to Address Global Grid Digitisation Demands

The digitisation of the substation will form the cornerstone of the intelligent power grid. Enabling and accelerating infrastructure optimisation.

Recorded: 09 Dec 2015

Webinar Overview

Due to major trends like the share of renewables on the grid, dynamic demand balancing and the push towards distributed generation, the digitisation of the grid is now even more critical for the energy sector.

At the core of this is the substation, the digitisation of which will form the cornerstone of the intelligent power grid. Enabling and accelerating not just the trends above but also to facilitate infrastructure optimisation.

In this webinar experts from Advantech and Intel, will share how:

  • The latest IoT thinking can help deliver and integrate the digital substation
  • To use standards based components to enable and retrofit substations
  • To drive down operational costs and the cost of delivery
  • To enable predictive intelligence for the modern grid

In this webinar we will look at real world examples of how the use of IoT technologies can significantly impact the factors above.

We will have a particular focus on how Advantech power and energy solutions - underpinned by Intel technologies - for smart substations based on IoT technologies show a new way of managing and integrating these assets into the intelligent smart grid.



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