Utilities’ future, breaking the thinking of today

How can utilities take strategic decisions facing uncertainty of the energy transition?

Recorded: 25 Apr 2016

Webinar Overview

The utility role has traditionally been the safe and secure operation and management of the electricity system, efficiently and reliably delivering electricity to their customers. However with retailers’ revenue on electricity sales being impacted by self-generation and active customers exploring alternative market models, fossil fuel-based generators are struggling for profitability in the societal transition to a renewable future. 

This webinar will address how utilities can take strategic decision under increased uncertainty. We shall provide the latest data on developments in the sector, highlight these key uncertainties and discuss their potential impact with our panel of experts. During this session you will learn:

  • How utilities can deal with uncertainty when taking strategic decisions.
  • What are the results on industry-wide research on the key factors that drive the future of utilities?
  • On what factors is there consensus in the industry?
  • On what drivers is there still a debate?
  • The industry experts’ view on what will shape the new market model


But it's not just about our panelists and some stats. As a participant in this session, your views count and;

  • You will have the opportunity to voice your opinion on the key drivers that will create the new energy value network.
  • There will be the capability for you to interact with the panel and the ongoing debate in real-time.


The future of the European utility sector could be shaped by low demand growth, competition from new entrants, EU disintegration and the rise of distributed generation. However these factors are all highly uncertain and for each the reverse could also be true. The industry, meanwhile, is already starting to adapt by restructuring to enable innovation, experimenting with new service bundles as well as investing in new technologies and business models. Whereas many companies may be willing to adapt, uncertainty remains.