Using Advanced Analytics to Achieve Revenue Protection For Utilities

For many utilities, revenue protection is a key task to reduce revenue erosion through energy and water theft and meter tampering.

Recorded: 19 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

It is estimated that millions of pounds are stolen from utilities annually. Energy Theft is an international problem for utilities and is a significant and growing drain on utility revenues around the world.

Continued losses cause increased implications and cause damage to the whole industry, so how can utilities not only protect themselves, but also its customers?

The answer, through modern data analytics technologies. Through advanced systems and intelligence, these technologies now make it faster and easier for utilities to detect energy theft and other forms of non-technical loss anywhere on the network.

Yet doing this efficiently and effectively is not that simple. You need to have high-quality, state of the art software apps to detect fraud patterns and the individual fraudsters that will allow you to manage and improve all related business processes, prioritize any healing activities and assign field teams addressing fraud detection and removal.

Understand how Choice’s unique value proposition is helping Utilities around the world on fraud management activities by using advanced analytics including artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Discover how to optimise resources, increasing revenues, reduce non-technical losses and increase security and life quality for their end-consumers.