Transitioning Experience - SCADA and Teleprotection to IP/MPLS

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IP Business EMEA Vertical Markets Director
Marketing Manager
Utility Markets Vice President
Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde
Presentation Date: 
Thu 21 May 12:00 UTC
Webinar Overview: 

Utilities are globally evolving their critical operational communications supporting SCADA and teleprotection to a converged IP/MPLS network. Lessons learned in this transition process on the support of a mix of legacy and new IP-based traffic, communications architecture and configuring networks to provide the required performance will be highlighted in this webinar.

Additionally we will discuss:

Teleprotection test results and future test plans.
Options for more effectively merging SCADA traffic from many locations to a control center.
Explore increased availability and deferring costs with analog systems.

Join us to learn about and leverage the latest experience from solutions deployed globally!


  • Introduction – Peter Johnson, Utility Markets Vice President - Nokia
  • Teleprotection support with IP/MPLS
    • - Performance test results and plans  - Steven Blair, Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde
    • - Global lessons learned – Dominique Verhulst, IP Business EMEA Vertical Markets Director - Nokia
  • Efficient SCADA support with IP/MPLS – Hansen Chan, Product Marketing Manager - Nokia
  • Q&A



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