Transforming How Utilities Use Geospatial Technology

This presentation outlines how a modern GIS platform liberates the transactional system of record data into a system of insight, which transforms how utilities use geospatial technology to transform their business

Recorded: 11 Oct 2016

Webinar Overview

Utility IT systems are largely transactional. These include customer, work management, billing, meter management and even traditional geospatial systems.

These transactional systems, collectively known as systems of records provide the foundational data about nearly every aspect of the business. They don’t however, provide much insight into the nuances of the business. Sure they can sort, collate, report and filter data in a variety of ways. Conventional GIS has been delivering a variety of map products to the industry. However, like other systems of records, they report on what the utility already knows, maybe presented in a more convenient form.

Today, utilities are seeking additional value from their IT investments. A modern GIS however, is more than a system of record. GIS has the capability to deliver insight.


  • First by providing a platform for ready access to the system of record information in combination with all kinds of other data
  • Second, by organizing data by location to create immediate awareness of what is going on right now
  • Lastly, to provide analytics

This is ability to see patterns and behaviors that simple filtering and sorting can never provide.