Sustainable energy innovation: Help to turn a proven concept into product

Do you have a proven concept that could change the future of the energy industry? Do you need more than just investment? Do you need a proven support network? If yes, then you should be registered for this webinar!

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Thu, 2017-03-02 13:00 UTC
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InnoEnergy, a European company promoting sustainable energy innovation, has teamed up with Engerati for its sixth Investment Round for Innovation Projects.

InnoEnergy is calling for proposals of proven concepts from small- and medium-sized clean energy technology companies.

But InnoEnergy, a company that supports sustainable energy innovation, says it can provide more than monetary support to take a clean energy idea from a light bulb moment to a powering-the-light bulb moment.

In this 60-minute live webinar, you will hear how InnoEnergy can help you find a complementary partner to support the development of new products.

You will also learn first-hand through its Europe-wide network of industry experts, businesses and researchers, how InnoEnergy is able to:

  • Provide experience in managing complex projects and intellectual property.
  • Offer expertise in market analysis, business models and industrialisation.
  • Identify market needs, initial customers and early adopters of innovative products.
  • Provide marketing and sales knowledge to challenge and enhance the return from new solutions.
  • Turn prototypes into commercial products within five years.
  • Reduce the financial risks associated with finalising prototypes and introducing them to market.


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Sign up now to this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of how InnoEnergy addresses your challenges and shortens the journey from lab to launch.

The deadline for proposals is 7 April so you can apply learnings from this webinar to your application.

Join this live energy webinar and your project could be a future success story.



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Two main products.  Leak-free toilet cistern mechanism, can save 40% plus water inflow into a treatment works. Average saving to date is in excess of 50% - 80%.

The Waterwidget is a community waterpoint that automatically closes when the user leaves the waterpoint.  20 years operation experience.

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