Solutions for bridging IT/OT convergence in intelligent grid

How can you bridge IT and OT for intelligent grid applications? Is it possible to have an integration platform to make the IT/OT convergence for a whole system?

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Mon, 2017-05-08 13:00 UTC
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Webinar Agenda

In markets where smart grid automation integration is key there is a crucial gap in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). This means that many power and energy vendors’ systems cannot talk and communicate with each other.

Both manufacturers and system integrators need a basic knowledge of IT and OT so that they can provide or integrate a suitable system for grid implementation, such as substations, solar energy, wind energy and energy management applications.

In this 60-minute energy webinar, you will hear from three experts in the field of industrial Internet of Things.

Intel’s Dean Samara-Rubio will offer a broad perspective on the big trends in intelligent grid and the opportunities for data-driven planning and maintenance and ultimately micro-grid controls.

While Tony Milne and Daniel Sun from industrial computer company Advantech will bring concrete examples from the utility field where intelligent grid applications are helping with crucial IT/OT integration as well as updates on new technologies.

Key learnings

In this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Gain an overview of latest thinking and technologies in industrial Internet of Things
  • Understand how to increase visibility and control of smart edge devices
  • Learn about recommended standards for securing systems
  • Discover latest solutions to integrating renewable energy into the grid
  • Hear advice on automating high voltage substations


Join this webinar and bring your knowledge of industrial IoT technologies and applications right up to date.

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I have a conflicting meeting on May 8th.  Will this session be recorded?  If so, can you send me a link?

Thank you,

Jorge Egues

Jorge Egues's picture
Jorge Egues
Ken Ott's picture
Ken Ott

Hey Ken. The webinar will be recorded and an on-demand version will be available after the live webinar date.

Lynette Andersen's picture
Lynette Andersen

Hey Jorge-

The webinar will be recorded and the on-demand version will be made available. To get quick access to the on-demand version, please go ahead and register for the webinar. The link to the on-demand webinar will be sent out to all registered attendees shortly after the live date.

Lynette Andersen's picture
Lynette Andersen

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