Smart Meter Systems: Attack and Defense

Practical guidance on defending smart meter systems, explained by a utility industry expert with real-world experience on the attacking side.

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Wed, 2017-05-17 10:00 UTC
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We are seeing industry and nation-leaders waking up to the “cyber” reality and possible devastating cyberattacks on utilities. As a result, initiatives to establish nation-wide baseline security requirements and security certifications are in progress. Unfortunately, these initiatives may be too late and may even foster a compliancy-defined approach to security. Smart grids will continue to increase in complexity, and the threat of attacks and actual attacks will continue to increase in both sophistication and frequency. The security issues discussed are based on first-hand experience, from both the defending side as well as the attacking side.

Attendees will receive practical advice on managing common security issues and pitfalls. Though the primary focus will be on smart meter systems, their integration, and their life-cycle, the advice provided can be applied to other types of systems as well. In addition, attendees of the webinar will learn how utilities need to go beyond compliance and make information security an integral part of their core business and invest in it accordingly.

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