Smart Grid Security - Rethinking the problem

What lessons have we learnt? Is there a need for evolution? How to prepare for dynamic threats?

Recorded: 04 May 2016

Webinar Overview

With the exploitation of new cost-effective operational concepts, the use of digital technologies and the IP-ing of things, the risk of cyber-attacks against energy infrastructure is a  reality.

Also the nature, frequency and destination of attacks is changing questioning the current thinking around grid security. In this session we attempt to rethink the problem by addressing key themes including:

  • Lessons learnt - Live hacks planned and unplanned
  • “Free radicals” - examples of the real world
  • Re-imagining the solution - evolving with and preparing for dynamic threats

We dissect the connected touch points in the energy value chain in this webinar, discussing how grid actors can stay safe in an ever evolving digital space.