Smart Grid Security - Preparing for the inevitable

Prevent, protect, detect, monitor and respond to cyber threats affecting critical infrastructure

Recorded: 28 Apr 2016

Webinar Overview

Cyber attacks (and cybercrime) are on the increase and the energy sector is an important target with two-thirds of organizations have experienced at least one disruptive cybersecurity incident.

The security of grid is critical and this is reflected by the plethora of threat monitoring, detection and protection technologies, and security management capabilities available.

In this session we discuss key points including:

  • Feedback loops - Embracing the white hat movement
  • Protocols, Standards & Safety nets with "IP Everywhere"
  • Resilience in scale - on the path to collaboration


This webinar will give you a better understanding on the security requirements for the hyperconnected smart grid by pulling on experiences and insights from our senior industry panelists.