Secrets of Utility Frontrunners – 12 Keys to Excellence

Most DSO's face common challenges, so do Retailers. But some of the DSOs and Retailers outperform the rest. What are they doing that makes them excel? What are their keys to excellence? Join this webinar to find out, based on exclusive research.

Recorded: 17 Oct 2016

Webinar Overview

There are many who consider utility retail to be a slow-change, low-growth business that has nothing to do with high-technology, customer experience and innovative business models.

Our research shows, however, that there are some utilities who choose to act differently, and who are rewarded for their novelty. They:

  • Deny living by the rules that have been dictating the business for decades.
  • Operate their ordinary business flawlessly, but excel in implementing modern technology
  • Engage customers with new services and applications

And most essentially, embrace digitalization in their thinking, acting and living.

Frontrunners are doing it!

From the researched DSOs and retailers, we isolated the outperforming ones – the Frontrunners. Then we aimed to find the common traits and significant success factors of these Frontrunners. We have chosen to call these common traits – the Utility Keys of Excellence.

In this webinar we will learn about the Frontrunners and the 12 utility Keys to Excellence that sets them apart from their peers. At European Utility Week, November 15-17, we are also offering open seminars on the Frontrunners and the 12 Keys of Excellence presented in this webinar.