Renewable Integration - Frameworks and technologies

Renewables are currently spreading on the grid at a heady pace as we approach regional decarbonisation targets. What is the ideal test bed for renewable integration?

Recorded: 07 Apr 2016

Webinar Overview

Very soon every region will have a significant amount of renewable energy fueled generation capacity. To be able to do so, conventional generation will need to become more flexible, investment will be required to integrate remote amount of generation into the grid and stabilize system operations. Moreover there will need to be an additional automation and voltage regulation at the distribution and consumption level, a distributed controllable generation and storage will need to be engaged to  match the fluctuating levels of renewable power generation.

In this panel discussion we will focus on the frameworks and technologies to enable success in renewables integration. Some key discussion points will include:

  • Microgrids as the ideal test bed for renewable integration
  • Distributed vs centralised - a pros and cons analysis
  • Storage at the core - smoothing the curve with resilience

This webinar is part of our 'Renewable Integration' In Focus track on engerati. Follow this link for more insights!