Regaining Control of Your Financial Models

Best practices in financial model management and driving speed in making accurate investment decisions

Recorded: 12 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

In today’s reality of distributed generation, finance teams have to manage an increasing number of complex financial models. But as companies scale and accelerate their their deal pipelines, Finance teams are struggling to keep pace with expansion. But with multiple financial models spanning different regions and technologies, it’s becoming nearly impossible to have one single source for pipeline valuation. Which is why moving forward, regaining control of your financial models is imperative for success.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How much your financial models are potentially costing you
  • Common issues and missteps in financial modelling
  • Best practices on how to solve for a better modelling process
  • Why your next hire in Finance should be a Software product manager, not an Analyst