The Prosumer Engagement Within the Nice Grid Project

Challenges and benefits of using an industrial and commercial consumer lead approach to microgrid adoption.

Recorded: 07 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

Nice Grid is a smart solar district pilot project conducted in the southern French town of Carros, in which up to several residential and business customers will participate.

The project’s energy management system aggregate and optimize local resources to offer residential and business customers demand-response opportunities to either supply power to the grid or shed loads, in accordance with the grid’s forecast requirements for the following day.

By giving energy consumers the opportunity to manage their power consumption and budget, the Nice Grid aims to turn passive consumers into active ‘prosumers’ (producer-consumers), representing a mix of residential users, business owners, and operators of apartment buildings.

In this session we will explore the consumer lead approach to microgrid adoption discussing key themes including:

  • Demand side management and balancing the peak demands/loads
  • Integrating onsite energy generation & DERs
  • Behind the meter architecture
  • Impact of the flexibilities on the distribution grid
  • End user integration and consumer behaviour change

Make sure you tune in as we will hear approach and results from consumers that joined the Nice Grid project.

This webinar is part of our 'Nice Grid' In Focus track on engerati. Follow this link for more insights!