Pivotal role of an IP/MPLS management platform in critical grid communications

Join this webinar to learn how a network services platform can optimise grid performance, meet regulatory and security requirements and cut operational expenditure.

Recorded: 27 Jun 2017

Webinar Overview

A confluence of new market forces, green environmental regulations and disruptive energy technologies is prompting momentous changes in the utility industry. Consequently, many utilities are migrating to an IP/MPLS network as the communications foundation of their smart grids. While IP/MPLS’s unique set of capabilities such as deterministic quality of service (QoS), strong resiliency and rigorous security are field-proven and understood, the crucial role an advanced IP/MPLS management platform plays is often overlooked, particularly at a time utilities need to deploy more applications and extend converged communications connectivity beyond low voltage substations.

This live webinar will offer insights into how Nokia’s Network Services Platform (NSP), with an evolution path to a software defined networking (SDN) controller, can optimise IP/MPLS buildout and management in the following ways:

  • Offering simplified, and even abstracted ways to provision critical connections rapidly
  • Providing multi-technology/multi-domain management
  • Enabling network-wide security scalability
  • Continually monitoring network health and performance for service assurance analytics
  • Slicing, or partitioning, the network to facilitate IT/OT network convergence


Who should attend?

This webinar is an essential event for telecom managers/directors, operations manager/directors, as well as IT managers/directors.