Paradigm shift – Exponential technologies in the new energy economy

Learn how can we apply technology to address humanity’s grand challenges: This talk will change your take on the future of the energy industry forever

Recorded: 25 Sep 2017

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Webinar Overview

How can we apply technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets to address humanity’s grand challenges? 

For Singularity U this is core business: They educate, empower and inspire today’s businesses to use the impact of converging exponential technologies and human insight to create sustainable disruptive change to the businesses and to society. 

Jan-Peter Doomernik, Senior Business Developer of the Dutch Grid company Enexis and alumni of the Singularity University Leadership programme, will share his insights on the impact of exponential technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets. 

Why is a grid company interested in exponential technologies?

Jan-Peter says: “To be ready for the future, we must explore new and different infrastructures. From our perspective, these new infrastructures have to be caring, include everybody and should adhere to our core values: affordable, sustainable, reliable and secure.”

Jan-Peter, who presented at Europe’s largest blockchain conference - BIC17 - and excited the audience with crazy changes they can expect in the coming 20 years, is also part of European Utility Week’s Initiate! taskforce.  

In this webinar Jan-Peter will present the impact of exponential technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets on the energy sector, disruptive infrastructures with which no company can compete, machine to machine economy, blind spots and paradigm shifts, tangible transition and energy and mobility.

The webinar challenges the audience to refresh, reset, reframe, re-imagine and re-engage! 

In this webinar, you will learn:
1. How to think 10x bigger to change the world 
2. How to get going and moving: Education, empowerment, inspiration 
3. Experience at least three paradigm shifts while listening 
4. Discover unexpected strategic opportunities using crazy-thought experiments
5. Get tangible results with action-based learning