Next generation operational networks – the smart way to packet switched networks (PSN)

Recorded: 29 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

The secure and uninterrupted supply of electricity strongly depends on the availability of reliable telecommunication services. Today such operational communication networks are influenced by changes in electrical utilities. This is driven by new Smart Grid applications, market deregulation with pressure on capital & operational expenses, and new communication standards & protocols. This is impeded by specific utility conditions (e.g. long life cycles) and requirements (e.g. harsh electromagnetic environment). Furthermore the very dynamic public telecom industry releases, enhances and ceases communication protocol in very short cycles, which are not compatible to the long utility life cycles.

Today major telecommunication technologies are SDH, MPLS-TP, and IP/MPLS. Under these difficult conditions utility have to define a long-term strategy for migrating their operational telecom network to future requirements without compromising their operation. The webinar will explain a smart way to future PSN network for utilities based ABB`s strong utility knowledge and over 70 years’ experience in operational communication networks.


  • Introduction
  • Application requirements of operational communication networks
  • Major communication technologies
  • Communication network migration strategy
  • Conclusion