Monetising electricity flex: a 5-step framework

How can you create new opportunities to reduce power costs or even turn electricity flexibility into a new revenue source?

Recorded: 31 Aug 2017

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Webinar Overview

The increase of renewable generation has created a need for flexibility. Large energy consumers own flexibility but how can monetise it? How can they seize this new business opportunity?

The shift to a distributed generation utility model has created a need for flexibility - the ability to increase or decrease power production and consumption on demand to stabilise the grid.

Large energy consumers, such as industrial plants, real-estate owners or car-lease companies with an electrical fleet, own this flexibility. These organisations now have new opportunities to use their flexibility to reduce power costs or even create a new revenue source. Yet, how can large energy users monetise flexibility? How can they seize this new business opportunity in which electricity will no longer be a utility but a commodity?

Based on eight years’ experience in the power markets, backed up by their dynamic software and following the results of various flexibility pilot projects, Priogen has set up a 5-step framework that can help companies to monetise their flexibility using the help of an aggregator.

During the webinar, Priogen will cover:

  • What is flexibility?
  • What is the financial potential of flexibility?
  • The challenges to unlock flexibility
  • A 5-step framework to overcome these challenges

Based on its know-how, Priogen will explain the framework step by step:

Step 1: Analyse the available electricity measurements

Step 2: Understand the sourcing strategy

Step 3: Identify opportunities for power savings

Step 4: Identify opportunities for cost savings

Step 5: Identify opportunities for additional revenue

As we move further down this framework, more data becomes available. This helps the aggregator to combine the flexibility of many different sources into a service that generates more added value than the sources could do individually. Flexibility owners will be able to change their energy programmes from operational to strategic.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the basics of energy flexibility
  • Realise the financial potential of flexibility
  • Recognise the challenges to unlock flexibility
  • Understand the 5-step framework that helps you overcome these challenges
  • Gain knowledge of case studies from different projects with different providers