Managing asset data: How Alpiq prepared for the IoT

Learn how Swiss Utility Alpiq improved service delivery by investing in IoT and deploying an enterprise-wide data management technology. 

Recorded: 19 Sep 2017

Webinar Overview

Swiss electricity and energy services provider Alpiq together with data and application management specialist DigitalRoute present this webinar on ‘Managing asset data: How Alpiq prepared for the IoT’.

In an evidence-based case study, Alpiq’s Head of Energy Al Christian Jacobsson, PhD explains why the company deployed specialist supporting technology in 2016, the same year it launched an innovative energy solutions unit.

Christian will touch on the need to automate asset data management in order to develop, promote and market new business models. He will also drill down into some of the energy company’s IoT use cases, such as peak shaving and balancing trade opportunities.

The energy executive will then reflect on future use cases as part of its digitization roadmap.

Data and application management provider

As the provider of an enterprise-wide IoT enablement technology, DigitalRoute will offer its perspective based on 16 years’ experience of supplying data and application management expertise for mission critical services in multiple industries.

Jonas Wejdin, Head of Business Development, Utilities at DigitalRoute, will explain the business drivers for IoT as well as the benefits such as support of smart grid applications, planning and asset optimisation as well as monetising new services. Jonas will also highlight other potential use cases for utilities that are going through their digitisation process.

From this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of IoT enabling technologies and their benefits
  • Learn from an energy peer how and why they shifted to a data management and application management platform
  • Discover future use cases of IoT platforms and how they can help monetize your business

About Alpiq

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity and energy services provider active in power production, energy trading, origination and sales. Alpiq offers its clients energy efficiency services for buildings and plants, transport technology, as well as power and industrial plant engineering.

About DigitalRoute

Founded in 2000 in Stockholm, DigitalRoute is an independent software vendor delivering market-leading mediation and data integration solutions. The platform simplifies any data infrastructure via a single horizontal integration layer for any network or industry.