Making the smart grid real: advanced network management systems

Distribution network operators are faced with real smart grid dilemmas. How can they control network voltages and power flows at all voltage levels as distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic and wind increase? In this webinar, CG-ZIV Power Automation Solutions presents the Genesis family of Generation Management Controllers as one way to manage the need for flexibility.

Recorded: 19 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

Would you like to accelerate the integration of distributed generation sites onto your distribution network? And also manage the impact that this additional generation has on network operations?

The exponential increase in the adoption of distributed energy generation has introduced significant challenges for DNOs. At times and when network conditions dictate, generators are constrained resulting in inefficiencies in operation as well as lost generation.

In this on-demand webinar, you can learn from ZIV’s experiences in advanced network management systems. ZIV's expert speaker explains how the Genesis family of Generation Management Controllers can:

  • Monitor network status and manage network constraints in realtime
  • Optimise distribution network operators network usage
  • Assist distributed generators to maximise their generation capacity
  • Overcome all the barriers for a successful digital transformation

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