The limits of utility IoT: The policy, privacy and security landscape of the Internet of Things

How is the Internet of Things (IoT) challenging the current utility cyber security landscape? Join this session with South California Edison IoT and cyber security expert Bob Coher to get the inside scoop on this fast evolving sector.

Recorded: 25 Aug 2016

Webinar Overview

Risks pertaining to the internet of things security are rapidly growing and changing with the increase in adoption in daily life. The interconnectivity of people, devices and organisations in today’s digital world, opens up a whole new playing field of vulnerabilities which cyber criminals can exploit.

Join this session for a review of the internet of things security in the utility sector, including the cyber security of grid devices, how to ensure end-user privacy, and the current and anticipated regulation of the internet of things (both in and outside the utility sector).

The presentation will answer questions such as:

  • What are the requirements and limitations upon leveraging internet of things?
  • What will the near future be bringing in new regulatory requirements?
  • How do we secure the efficiency gains IoT offers while addressing these challenges?

This webinar is part of our "IoT - Path to the Intelligent Grid" In focus track on Engerati.