Intelligent Power Outage Management and Customer Communication

There are many causes of power failures in an electricity network. What are the main causes and where are we with outage prevention? Can we have an intelligent approach to outage management? How can intelligent outage communication improve customer engagement and satisfaction?

Recorded: 15 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

Outages are a grid reality and whilst utilities can gather information from diverse and dispersed assets there needs to be a way to identify problems and efficiently manage responses.

What are the main outage and failure causes? What is scope of current solutions available on the market? Can the IoT and contextual data advance this sector?

Also, in the world of the connected customer who is depending on the utility for more than just a bill, the call center handles many important customer-related data streams, beyond accounting and claims adjudication and into outage communications.

This session explores key themes including;

  • Common (and uncommon) causes & examples
  • Outage detection and response (where are we now?)
  • The path to an intelligent outage management system
  • Customer engagement and outage communication

Hear from our senior speakers as they share their experiences and knowledge around the solutions needed for resilience in the intelligent grid.

This webinar is part of our "IoT - Path to the Intelligent Grid" In focus track on Engerati.