Intelligent asset management and maximising asset utilisation with the IoT

The Internet of Things is more than just a buzzword. How is IoT changing asset management? How can we maximize asset utilization? And what are the next generation of Asset Management Systems?

Recorded: 09 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

It is becoming increasingly clear that the path to optimal asset management requires an understanding of context, status and objectives. It is becoming even more important to understand who owns what, if the assets are connected to the grid and how well is the product supporting our business of generating, transmitting or delivering energy.

Moreover with an increasing asset volumes and diversity the need for intelligent asset management systems becomes even more relevant. In order to make efficient & prompt business decisions this session will explore key themes including;

  • Integration approaches for new asset type
  • Management of the increasing asset volume
  • Intelligent Asset Management Systems (AMS) deployment

Make sure you join this session to have an answer to this questions and better understanding on how to maximise asset utilization and enact intelligent asset management.

This webinar is part of our "IoT - Path to the Intelligent Grid" In focus track on Engerati.