How to win at energy customer flexibility

The battle to secure your consumers’ flexibility is on. This webinar gives insight into the business model and mindset you need to succeed.

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Wed, 2017-10-18 13:00 UTC
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There’s a big buzz around customer flexibility across many markets, with increasing interest from a range of stakeholders keen to unlock its value.

In this webinar, UK research and consulting company Delta Energy & Environment will share expert analysis on three key customer flexibility topics:

1. The flexibility battleground and competitive edges

Markets have initially developed with energy aggregators, but are now branching out to energy suppliers, product manufacturers, distribution system operators, tech start-ups and many more. 

We are seeing an increasing number of players entering this space. But is there room for everyone? And which players are well positioned to succeed?

2. Innovative business models needed to succeed

Flexibility business models are challenging – they need to have a compelling customer proposition, as well as extract as much value at the least possible cost. 

As more players enter the market, developing a business model that builds on a company’s USP is critical to success. We are seeing innovation in business models, and trends emerging on how to access value and engage with customers.

3. Which energy customers are engaging

Don’t forget the customer. Winners in flexibility will build businesses around customers, not remember them only as an afterthought. 

We’ve interviewed many customers – industrial, commercial, SME – and uncovered insights on how customers are responding to and considering today’s propositions.

Register for this webinar now to win at energy consumer flexibility! 

Interested in flexibility? Why not take a look at Delta-EE's white paper, How to be successful in the fast moving and dynamic market for ‘flexibility’- 4 steps to success

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I would like to listen to the webinar but can't make it unfortunately. Are you planning to record and make it available?

Giuliano De Marinis's picture
Giuliano De Marinis
Hi Giuliano, Thanks for your message and glad you are interested in this webinar. I'm pleased to say you will be able to watch the webinar on demand. The simplest way is to register for the webinar so you receive notification when the recording is available to view (usually same day or day after live recording). Thanks, Rose
Rose Bundock's picture
Rose Bundock

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