How to reap utility benefits of distributed energy through microgrids and beyond ...

Yield more from distributed energy: the Oncor microgrid webinar.

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Thu, 2015-10-22 14:00 UTC
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Microgrids are now recognised as a clear opportunity for more flexibility, more renewable integration and a means to reinforce grid reliability.

As microgrids stay grid-connected most of the time, their value to network operators, through Time-Of-Use rates, Demand Response and Frequency Regulation is considerable. Equally there are also many benefits for end users, such as access to reliable energy and operating business or industrial processes even during unexpected events.

Schneider Electric's webinar will highlight an islanding-enabled microgrid recently deployed in Texas, US where our demand-side expertise was coupled with distributed generation flexibility and control for greener, cheaper and more reliable energy for all.

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Hannes Enslin's picture
Hannes Enslin
Hi Hannes, Could you please send a print screen of this to and then I can help you to solve this issue. Best, Katie
Katie Dicker's picture
Katie Dicker

are there any savings associated with micro grid deployment

Frank Safertal's picture
Frank Safertal

I Hope the Webinar will be more focused on the working of this new system rather than its monetary aspect of things 

Shashank Singhal's picture
Shashank Singhal

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