How distributed intelligence is changing the smart metering paradigm

Giving meters the computing power of a smartphone opens up many opportunities for distribution system operators. Watch this webinar to realise the power of distributed intelligence.

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Tue, 2017-11-07 13:00 UTC
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Successfully managing the operational and business challenges presented by increasing amounts of distributed energy resources requires more rapid analysis, decision making and action at the grid edge.

With the computing power of a smartphone embedded in every meter, distributed intelligence is fundamentally shifting the paradigm for smart metering and redefining what’s possible for both grid operations and customer service.

With the ability to continually analyse one-second data at the meter, these distributed computing capabilities open up an entirely new frontier of use cases for grid reliability, efficiency, safety and customer services, including new approaches to diversion detection, transformer load management and load disaggregation.

This webinar will explore these technology developments and their impact on utility business processes and the smart metering business case.

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