Hacking the smart grid

Raj Samani, Joel Langill, Eric Knapp talk hacks, facts and stats. How cybersecurity has changed for the real time smart grid.

Recorded: 08 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Join us as we hack through the Smart Grid with four leading experts in the field.

This live webinar will rely on your questions and input, we will be exploring how the increasing digitisation of the energy grid and control systems has changed the way we need to look at Cybersecurity.

Where we will go

  • What happen in 2010 (STUXNET) – when things changed?
  • Why do we need a new approach
  • From reactive to predictive
  • Regulators – come on keep up
  • The White Hat for the smartgrid – open vs closed

Why we need the discussion

The integration of IT and OT not to mention things connected to the internet, in this webinar we explore the new approaches to cybersecurity enabling end to end security.

  • How big is the problem - Exposed & evolving
  • Preparing for the inevitable - people, processes, technology
  • Rethinking the problem - Predictive vs Reactive, Best practise, Proactive
  • Collaboration, Free radicals and White Hat