Europe’s energy transition and markets: what learnings for utilities?

Capgemini’s annual observatory report highlights how European utilities compare to their world counterparts when it comes to transformation needs.

Recorded: 22 Nov 2017

Webinar Overview

How are European energy operators impacted by the energy transition policies? What affect is it having on their bottom line? And are European utilities transforming quicker than their global peers?

In this live webinar, Capgemini will answer all these questions by unpacking findings from its first global observatory report - World Energy Markets Observatory.

Drawing on data from Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, the analysts will aim to highlight challenges for utility companies as well as opportunities when creating transitional roadmaps.

You will gain:

  • A perspective on how Europe is leading on the energy transition/market opening compared to other world regions and energy market structures.
  • A view on European energy players’ financials - from debt and revenue levels (EBITDA) to stock levels.
  • An understanding of transformation roadmaps and how the customer is at the centre with digital as a powerful transformation enabler.