Enhance & Manage Increasingly Complex Dynamic Distribution Networks Today!

Recorded: 11 Nov 2015

Webinar Overview

As part of the UK’s largest smart grid demonstration, the Customer-Led Network Revolution, Northern Powergrid commissioned Siemens to develop an active network management solution to integrate increasing renewables load.

The system uses a hierarchical approach taking decisions at substation level and in the control centre to optimize operation of the network by use of energy storage, enhanced voltage control, real-time thermal rating and demand response.

In this webinar expert speakers Colin Henry, Ian Lloyd and Markus Reischboeck will present Siemens' Grand Unified Scheme, or GUS, which has been operation for over one year.

This webinar will enable you to discover how to:

  • Overcome the challenges of growing distributed generation load on your network
  • Use the full potential of your existing and newly installed assets by optimizing voltage control, storage and demand side response across the network
  • Manage voltage violations and thermal overload of primary equipment
  • Integrate a new control system to an existing archetype
  • Coordinate control systems and technologies
  • Reduce CAPEX for future network reinforcement and improvements