Energy Intelligence: Harnessing Data for Better Customer Engagement

Personalizing your business customers’ experience can increase their satisfaction with you as a provider, drive revenue, and help to reduce churn. But to scale this type of experience you need to leverage a huge amount of data to create a holistic view of each and every customer. 

Recorded: 18 Apr 2016

Webinar Overview

Despite having a wealth of customer data to mine, most energy providers lack real insight into their customers - particularly the highly diverse business customer segment. This lack of understanding results in disjointed customer service and a missed opportunity to increase revenue and reduce churn by presenting your customers with products and services that are most relevant to them.

Personalizing the customer experience means creating a holistic view of each and every customer, combining information stored in multiple systems both inside and outside your company. Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) can be rapidly deployed to seamlessly integrate with your existing data sources and enable analytics that allow you to target and enhance your customer interactions.
When customers have more meaningful interactions, they start to trust you as a partner and energy advisor, not simply a commodity provider. Better customer insight also helps you to use your marketing budgets more efficiently, and to bring new programs and services to market more quickly.

In this webinar, EnerNOC’s experts will describe why your business customers are so critical to your success, and how EIS enables you to consolidate and analyze data to enable better engagement.