Don’t leave your customers behind! Exploring the secrets to demonstrating smart meter value for customers

Recorded: 15 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Smart meter technology has been both a challenge and an opportunity for Australian and New Zealand retailers since rollouts began in 2009 and 2008, respectively. Since then, the business case in both markets have not paid off for the massive investment made in the meters. Now, Australian retailers may again have the opportunity to install new and replace existing smart meters as early as July 2017 pending a rule change by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) to allow competition in smart meter services. However, to ensure an adequate return on the massive infrastructure investment, as well as prevent damaging customer backlash, retailers must prioritize the value created for end consumers this time around.

This challenge is not limited to the Australian and New Zealand markets. In fact, energy providers and regulators around the globe have recognized that in order to maximise the return on smart meters, customers must be engaged, educated and empowered. Only then will they accept and understand the investment, but more importantly, adopt time-of-use tariffs, participate in demand response programs, or invest in smart home devices and technology.

So how can retailers successfully bring the value of smart meters to consumers and realise the value in their bottom lines?

Our upcoming webinar highlights practical lessons from around the world on how smart meter rollouts can earn consumer acceptance, boost engagement, and deliver life-time value through increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Join the webinar to learn:

- How to adopt best practices from smart meter programs around the world

- How utilities have made consumer engagement benefits central to their smart meter business case

- How to close the gap between expectations and performance of smart meter rollouts