The digitally connected utility - from network to consumer

Are your end users benefiting from your digital transformation? Find out how to transform operational insights into customer-service wins.

Recorded: 20 Sep 2017

Webinar Overview

Digital transformations within the energy industry present major challenges to traditional utility process. Value chains are no longer linear but a complex interconnected flow between the end user and the operational and business parts of a utility.

Digitally connected business practices bring opportunities to uncover tremendous value in the way you serve your customers. But are you missing out on opportunities to deliver a unified experience and clear consistent information to your user base?

This webinar will look at how customer-centric relationships across CIS, metering operations, field service, asset management, and network and DER integration give you the chance to improve customer experience.  

Using data to transform customer service 

In this webinar, Oracle Utilities will demonstrate how platform and architecture are the fundamental basis on which to integrate operational technology, information technology and customer technology.

And the benefit to your energy company? Complete visibility across all mission critical systems and tools to transform that into powerful customer interactions and insight.

From this presentation, you can also expect to learn about advancements in operational capabilities and technologies and what it means from a utility customer service perspective.

three values of asset mangement

Watch this webinar to understand how digitisation will change your business and the case for bringing the whole grid under one control