Cyber security care: ABB’s three phased approach to smarter system protection

Recorded: 02 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Every substation automation system has potential cyber security vulnerabilities and constantly needs maintaining and updating. By not addressing these potential vulnerabilities in your system you leave yourselves exposed to attack, the threat exponentially increases the longer the system is not maintained and updated.

In this webinar, Frank Hohlbaum, Cyber Security Product Manager, ABB Substation Automation and Oivind Askvik, Head of Service, ABB Substation Automation and Communication take you through ABB substation automation’s approach to cyber security care.

The topic of standards and requirements for cyber security in substation automation systems will be discussed and why energy providers should invest in cyber security with ABB. Frank and Oivind will outline how ABB can support you to implement a robust cyber security strategy and they will walk those attending through ABB’s three phase approach which provides a simple yet effective way to implement a sound and comprehensive cyber security strategy.

This webinar is best suited for executives and managers from transmission and distribution utilities focused on better protecting their investment and revenues, reducing risks to their performance and increasing the security levels of their network.


  • The Introduction: The impact of cyber security on energy providers and the standards that exist
  • The Definition: ABB’s defense in depth approach to cyber security in substation automation
  • The Benefits: What does ABB’s three phase approach bring for customers wanting a robust cyber security strategy?
  • The Components: The ABB cyber security offering