Customer Engagement - Strategy Session: The competitive energy landscape (Panel Discussion)

The impacts of deregulation on customer engagement, effects on business and driving competitive advantage.

Recorded: 24 Feb 2016

Webinar Overview

The technical and commercial energy landscape has evolved far faster than the regulatory landscape and the new reality is that customers are not a homogenous, passive group. So if the regulation needs updating, it needs be done in a manner which protects and empowers customers, without stifling innovation.

To help paint a picture of the competitive energy landscape and customer engagement, our panelists in this webinar will debate and share examples on;

  • The international regulatory trends for competitive retail markets
  • Lessons from mature regulatory environments & the new energy customer
  • Impacts on the utility sector and the ongoing separation of retail from DSO
  • Liberalisation of Data for retail & benefits to the consumer
  • Advancing customer engagement with Open customer information systems 

Customers, assisted by new tech and innovative aggregators/suppliers, can be active participants in the energy market not just at reatil but also at wholesale and balancing levels. Perhaps there is the need for a strategic re-evaluation of the customer engagement and competitive energy market status quo.

This session will give you an understanding of the changing face of customer engagement in lieu of the unbinding of energy suppliers, increasing competition and rising importance of the "negawatt".

This webinar is part of our "Customer Centricity" In focus track on Engerati.