Customer Engagement - Platforms for success: People, Process, Technology (Panel Discussion)

Build your platform for customer engagement success by adopting the right roadmap and mix of people, processes and technology.

Recorded: 11 Mar 2016

Webinar Overview

With the need for better and enhanced customer engagement comes a requirement for fit for purpose platforms. Old thinking and processes are thrown out the window and the immediate focus is on embracing "all things digital" in time and in order to keep up with an increasingly dynamic and fluid energy consumer.

In this session we explore:

  • Changing business culture & embracing data insights
  • Innovating towards a customer centric business model
  • Adding value for the digital customer - partnerships, products and experiences

Customer engagement platforms need to be agile, resilient and able to deal with numerous data feeds. The path to customer engagement success requires adopting and adapting the right roadmap and mix of resources. The successful transition includes a combination of the right people/roles, process design and a sprinkling of technologies/enablers brought to life in a platform fit to deliver on your ambition.

This webinar is part of our "Customer Centricity" In focus track on Engerati.