From billing to energy services - ideas for changing the customer conversation

The utility industry needs to change the customer conversation. Accurate billing is within reach through smart metering so let's move the dialogue on to energy services as a way to deepen and enrich the customer relationship. Find out how cloud-based platforms can help in this energy webinar. 

Recorded: 12 Apr 2017

Webinar Overview

At Engerati we know that utilities are changing their business strategies to create meaningful relationships with customers that aren't centred on billing or outages. From our analysis and observation of the market, we believe the best enabling technology to create consumer engagement is through a cloud and software as a service approach.

In this webinar, we take a deeper dive into customer retention platforms and assess what the following means for your energy retail business and customer relationships: 

Impact 1: Leveraging day-to-day data analytics and insights

Getting the advantage of rich predictive insights to line up with realistic outcomes. The gathering and analysis of data will raise consumer state and situational awareness to allow stakeholders to make better decisions.

Impact 2: Delivery of new services like energy efficiency and demand response

As commodity revenues decline, utilities are looking for new products and services to meet customers' demands for power while providing safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible options. Using a customer engagement platform, utilities can improve sales performance by segmenting customer data and using customer insights target the right customer with the right product at the right time.

Impact 3: Enhancing customer retention, acquisition and churn

Gaining insights into the context of each energy customer to increase customer business satisfaction, drive sales, revenue and deepen utility customer engagement across all channels through greater awareness and participation.

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