Building the Right IoT Platform

An IoT platform requires six key characteristics! With Capgemini's initial focus on Energy related services, their E-IoT platform is deployed in the Utilities sector.

Recorded: 22 Feb 2016

Webinar Overview

The reduction in price of solar PV, battery storage technology and sensors is leading to widespread deployment of Distributed Energy Resources. This is unplanned, customer driven and evolving rapidly – and the assets are owned by many parties and geographically dispersed.  At the same time, business and residential customers are expecting not just reliable energy provision, but increasingly, energy related services. There is a major opportunity for utilities to orchestrate what is happening, but their traditional SCADA systems are not sufficiently agile to cope with such change. The answer lies in IoT based solutions. This briefing looks at building the right IoT platform – i.e. the foundation for developing and running the wide range of IoT based services that will appear in the coming years.

In Capgemini’s experience, an IoT platform requires six key characteristics. They focus on the big data/analytics elements, as well as on the requirements to collect data from, manage and control the huge variety and volume of assets at the edge. Furthermore, they recognize the need to bring intelligence to or near to the edge to optimize performance.

Capgemini has an IoT reference architecture and proven platform components that meet the needs in the cloud. We have partnered with Intel to meet the needs at and for the edge. Together, we have created an end-to-end, open, scalable and secure IoT platform that can support the different IoT services that utilities will build. With the initial focus on Energy related services, our E-IoT platform is available and is being deployed at organizations in the Utilities and other sectors.