Briefing: Seestadt Aspern a showcase for the migration to a smart urban energy system.

Recorded: 30 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Austria’s capital is spawning a new smart city in which buildings, the electrical grid and the electricity market are networked to create and evaluate synergistic efficiencies.

The vision behind the project: Creation of a world-class living laboratory in which energy-saving technologies and new distribution grid solutions can be tested and optimized according to the requirements of future electricity markets.

Seestadt Aspern is a ‘Living Lab’ colliding existing and prototype technologies to create a state of the art urban energy system based on three key facets.

  • Smart Buildings / Smart Prosumers: The roles and options available to each in a smart energy system.
  • Smart Markets: The interconnecting and optimising role they play and how this ecosystem enables new opportunities.
  • Smart Grids: As a facilitator for Smart energy systems

This webinar gives an overview about the project setup and the expected results.

Experts will provide an insightful update on the progress of the project to date, the impact of technology developments and most importantly how the three domains interact using real life use cases.

Join this webinar to see the future of urban energy systems in action.