Briefing: A new energy market is emerging – how can analytical software help you take part in it?

Recorded: 06 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Several energy markets have been liberalised over the last two decades, and many more are about to take the next steps in introducing clearer splits between infrastructure monopolies and a free market place.

At the same time the energy customer is about to influence the energy markets more than ever. This happens through the movement of key technologies becoming more affordable and available. Renewable microproduction and cheaper energy storage leads to new volumes of consumers turning into prosumers and encourages the establishment of micro grids.

Combined with smart metering and Internet of Things, there are clear indications that classical energy products change and take new shapes. We have been pioneering and enabling the liberalised energy markets in Europe together with 400 utilities. Together with front leaning utility companies, we see new ways to understand customer behavior, how to leverage smart data and how to use this commercially.

This webinar will focus on: 

  • The consumer trends that impact and change the traditional energy markets
  • How data insights and smart solutions can support commercial opportunities in the new energy markets
  • How grid companies, commercial companies and the end customer can gain profits and savings at the same time