Briefing: Bridging the Gap to a Modern Grid with Predictive Grid® Analytics

Recorded: 20 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Power outages cost European nations billions every year. At the heart of the issue, and where most outages occur, is the distribution grid, which connects and directly impacts hundreds of millions of customers every day.

In order to transform our grid into a modern distribution network, better adept to handle the ever growing needs of the 21st century, utilities and network operators are under mounting pressure to:

  • Manage the complexities of an aging and largely unmonitored infrastructure
  • Provide a more reliable and high-quality electrical power supply than ever before
  • Adjust to the paradigm shift operators face as regulators continue to mandate low carbon, renewable sources of generation (solar, wind, etc.)

Distribution monitoring solutions such as from Tollgrade Communications’ offer ground- breaking technology to utilities, combining award winning Smart Grid Sensors with Predictive Grid® Analytics software to support grid operators as they bridge the gap to a modern grid.

Join Tollgrade’s Vice President of Smart Grid, Erik Christian, in this webinar to learn how Tollgrade’s LightHouse® platform can help network operators take a proactive stance toward outage prevention today, while simultaneously installing the building blocks for tomorrow’s predictive grid of the future.