Briefing: ABB Relion® 670 Version 2 – The power of one solution for protection and control

Recorded: 22 Sep 2015

Webinar Overview

Relion 670 IEDs combine maximum flexibility and performance to meet the highest quality and reliability standards of any generation and transmission system application, from line distance and line differential protection, monitoring and control, to an extremely accurate phasor measurement unit (PMU), generator, transformer and busbar protection

Since its introduction 10 years ago, the Relion 670 has delivered market leading performance and valuable field experience in many different application areas. In this new release, we have retained all proven-in-use application functions, and also added unique new functions that create additional customer value.

In this webinar, Lars Frisk, ABB Global Lead Product Manager for IEDs, will explain how the functionality available in Relion 670 version 2 can be used to create protection and control solutions for the modern power industry. We will also explain how the industry leading flexibility in hardware and software configurations, the flexible communication possibilities combined with the pre-configured easy-to-use solutions creates options attractive for a wide range of applications and users. The product range, hardware platform and the communication capabilities will be described in this webinar. The capabilities of the 670 series in a digital substation solution utilizing IEC 61850-9-2 process bus will be presented. Last but not least, you will learn how you can create secure solutions compliant with the latest cyber security requirements.

This webinar is best suited for protection and control engineers from transmission and sub-transmission utilities focused on improving their customer experience, while reducing the outage times of their network, decreasing their operational costs, and finally yet importantly creating a significantly safer working environment for their operational forces.


  • The Introduction: The flagship intelligent electronic device series from ABB
  • The Definition: The Relion 670 version 2 members
  • The Components: The software and hardware solutions
  • The Benefits: How the 670 version 2 brings unique values for different use cases
  • The Proof: ABB references all over the world