Brand power, shared values and clean energy - An American Perspective

Get the low down on "what's hot and what's not" for Utilities and "Energy Brands" in the era of digitisation.

Recorded: 09 Jun 2016

Webinar Overview

"Behind every brand is the promise of a unique (and possibly lasting) relationship"

The energy sector has remained unchanged for a century and has stood largely for a guarantee of supply. However the game is changing, with digitisation, competition and distributed generation eating away at the status quo. The sector will need to re-evaluate and have a fundamentally different relationship with the new pro-active and empowered consumers.

In this session our resident brand and business relationship expert, Tamara McCleary, will give you the low down on "what's hot and what's not" for Utilities and Energy Brands in the era of digitisation. You will not just learn the ways digitisation and disruption are changing customer engagement and brand management in the energy sector but also simple steps which you can take to avoid falling behind the pace and missing out entirely.

Indeed the "energy" game is changing and there is less talk of shifting electrons and monthly statements. Now the talk is about data driven insights, across the value chain, pushing interactions ever closer to real time. The energy brand is being called to question at all levels and the values that worked until now will need to re-align with new market realities, consumer lifestyles and agile new entrants. Where do you stand? How will you be remembered? What is your next move?

This webinar is part of our 'brand power and energy' In Focus track on engerati. Follow this link for more insights!

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