Best Practices in ensuring secure and successful Smart Grid network deployment

Recorded: 15 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Trilliant will be sharing their experience of how smart meter and smart grid rollouts can make the most effective use of wireless communications networks, and how they can stay secure.

Communications networks are complex assets, and in order to ensure reliability and security, there are many aspects and parameters that must be understood right from the start of the design process. For example, security is an ever-present issue that must be addressed from the outset. Also, network characteristics such as bandwidth and latency will have a direct effect on the service that can be delivered and those impacts need to be understood. In order to offer a ‘smart’ service, all of these elements need consideration.

If done appropriately, you can be assured that the service offered will meet the expectations of those using it. The webinar will cover best practice in network design and how best to approach the demands of a network rollout.

Attendees will discover:

  • How security doesn't start and end with data - it encompasses supply chain, physical characteristics, and network design.
  • How different deployment models can affect the end customer experience
  • How to ensure reliability and security at all times.