Alliander & EDP discuss the Open Approach to Cyber Security

Recorded: 26 Oct 2015

Webinar Overview

Is information and experience sharing the ideal approach to cyber security on the grid? Can knowledge sharing improve risk assessments and create more robust smart grid security requirements? What will this mean for utilities and vendors on the smart connected grid?

Ahead of the EE-ISAC Pre-Launch Cyber Security programme at EUW 2015 we assess current utility pain-points in securing the digtal grid, lessons learnt from recent security case studies and the opportunity to advance and accelerate the smart grid security debate via knowledge sharing!

In this live session our utility lead panel will;

  • Share insights from recent cyber security projects via short case studies
  • Discuss the realities of risk asessments & setting security requirments in a "closed" environment
  • Assess the possibilty to "peep through the veil" and the benefits of an open "white hat-esque" approach

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You will also hear about EE-ISAC approach;

  • Why it is different and how this collaborative approach could advance the security debate
  • What you can expect as energy professionals and stakeholders across the grid (utilities, vendors etc)
  • Some of the techniques they are applying and tangible outcomes of this approach

This session will be Q&A chat show style and moderated by Adam Malik, our director and in-house chief inquisitor. Prepare for out-takes, insights you weren;t expecting and also feel free to send us your questions before hand...