Advanced LTE and LoRa/LPWAN Antenna Solutions for the Smart City & Smart Energy

In the webinar understand the typical pitfalls associated with integrating an antenna within devices in these markets

Recorded: 07 Mar 2016

Webinar Overview

With the move towards the IoT well underway, new frequency bands are being utilized to meet the changing requirements of IoT. Applications in the Smart City and Smart Energy vertical markets will need long range, high capacity systems to consolidate the fragmented battery operated wireless market for sensor networks, smart cities, smart metering, security systems, smart home, and industrial control.

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWA) is the main focus for IoT, as it provides a low cost way to connect long life battery operated and mobile devices.

In this webinar, Ronan Quinlan, Joint CEO of Taoglas, will go through the emergence of LPWA networks, and their importance for Smart City and Smart Energy applications; the considerations that will affect antenna selection and placement, and the importance of the antenna in the overall network infrastructure.

This webinar is best suited for engineers and Project Managers/Product Managers, involved in developing applications for Smart Cities/Smart Energy.


-Introduction to IoT and LPWA

- LPWA Technologies - in the Licensed spectrum (GSM, LTE, LTE Cat-1 and LTE Cat-M) and unlicensed Long range (LoRA) and unlicensed Short range (Bluetooth)

- Antenna selection and placement

- The Taoglas value proposition