Addressing modern energy challenges with smart metering deployments

Implementing grid intelligence, empowering demand response and enabling grid flexibility with smart metering deployments. Engerati analysts and industry experts join in this live energy webinar to discuss benefits, challenges and opportunities of smart meters.

Recorded: 01 Jun 2017

Webinar Overview

As smart meters are installed at residential, commercial and other sites nationwide, utilities are seeing a variety of benefits and opportunities that are passed on to the end user, according to a new IEE report.

The ultimate goal of smart metering is to allow the utility to provide consumers with better visibility into their energy consumption, to enable demand response to reduce peak load and to manage voltage to reduce energy consumption. 

We have identified three key impact areas and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each of the areas below:

Impact 1: Implementing grid intelligence

Having a reliable supply of energy is more than just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Smart meters are changing the way utilities respond to problems on the energy grid. The data from smart meters gives utilities visibility into the distribution grid that allows them to proactively solve problems.

Impact 2: Empowering smart demand response

Energy companies should be able to offer end users choice and transparency, showing consumers exactly what they are spending in pounds and pence and in near real-time. Allowing them to save energy and money by changing how they use their energy.

Impact 3: Enabling grid flexibility

Generation is becoming more distributed and variable and consumers are benefitting from new ways to monitor and manage their energy use. From photovoltaic panels on building roofs, but also the use of fuel cells, charging to/from the batteries of electric cars, wind turbines, pumped hydro-electric power, and other sources enabling the grid to become more flexible.

Get involved and ask the experts

Following our presentations you will have the chance to ask your questions to our experts.

Share your opinions with your peers and most importantly understand the fundamental impact to your business and the transformation opportunities.