Accommodating Growing Diversity Within Meter Networks

A reference case explaining (the implications for) the utility’s IT infrastructure of the future

Recorded: 13 Oct 2016

Webinar Overview

A Dutch reference case explaining the utility’s IT infrastructure of the future.

In a country where its smart meter roll out is in full swing, one of the lessons learned by Dutch utilities is that smart metering is not (only) about the meter itself.

Sure, one needs cutting edge hardware technology when it comes to generating high quality data. Standards, business requirements and security needs keep evolving at high speed. For example in the Netherlands, we are now starting the roll-out of the 5th major iteration of our Dutch Smart Meter Requirements (SMR 5), while we still have meters from the previous DSMR2 and DSMR4 standards in the network.

As a result of this unstoppable hardware evolution, the real challenge for a utility is “How to accommodate this (ever) growing diversity within my meter network?”. In this webinar we share answers from a system perspective, using Dutch grid operator Alliander’s head end infrastructure solution as a reference case.

Join this webinar and learn more about:

  • The impact of ever evolving standards and changing (communication) technologies / requirements on your the roll-out
  • From a system perspective, how to manage an asset base consisting of meter hardware that varies extensively when it comes to types of devices or brands, communication technologies or, over time, firmware updates (due to evolving standards and security requirements)?
  • The result of a 20 year partnership with Alliander: the creation of a seamless network infrastructure ensuring future flexibility without increasing system complexity and operational costs