Internet of things and data: What insights for energy?

Intelligent asset management, situational awareness and flexibility and resilience with the internet of things. Engerati analysts and industry experts join in this live energy webinar to highlight internet of things data insights for the energy sector.

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Fri, 2017-04-28 13:00 UTC
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Webinar Agenda

Internet of things (IoT) devices are flooding utility operations. The energy sector can use the data insights derived from them to develop new energy services, enhance utility productivity and efficiency, improve real-time decision making, solve critical problems, and create new and innovative experiences.

We have identified three key areas impacted by IoT and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each of the areas below:

Impact 1: Intelligent asset management

As a result of this comprehensive monitoring, the adoption of advanced IoT enables visualisation, diagnosis and optimisation processes to create higher value-add potential for energy and asset management solutions.

Impact 2: Situational awareness with predictive analytics

As IoT makes sense of large amounts of data captured from machines, it uncovers valuable insights into the health and performance of generation, consumption, equipment and infrastructure. These predictive analytics allow utilities to identify impending problems early in order to avoid unexpected downtimes or failures.

Impact 3: Flexibility and resilience

The increase in decentralised generation is forcing utilities to rethink their business models. The IoT-enabled grid is making it possible for utilities to unlock business efficiencies improving grid flexibility and resilience.

Get involved and ask the experts

Following our presentations, you will have the chance to ask your questions to our experts.

Share your opinions with your peers and most importantly understand the fundamental impact to your business and the transformation opportunities presented by internet of things data insights.

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